Bottle vs. Bottle is my attempt to find the best ingredients for my favorite cocktails. The recipe is simple: take a drink, isolate a specific ingredient, pit two versions of that ingredient against each other, and find out which version is better. Any drink goes, and any ingredient is up for a BvsB.

Who am I?

I’m Chris, a copywriter in the Phoenix area – like Don Draper without the terrible parenting skills and personal turmoil. I tend to gravitate towards drinks that have limited ingredients, taste mostly like the alcohol involved, and are light on sweeteners and juices.

Want to give me a bottle?

Alcohol can be expensive, so if you want to gift me a bottle to use, send an email. Please note that the freeness of the bottle won’t factor into the BvsB, but I will certainly say thank you (I have manners!).

Want to advertise?

If you want to advertise, send me an email. I don’t have a formal ad system up yet, so rates will be dirt cheap.

Credit where credit is due

Thanks to all the people who have participated in the BvsBs. I hope paying you with drinks is enough. Also, thanks to the guy at Horrible Logos for making me such a horrible logo (I’ve modified it a bit to fit the wide space, but the spirit of horribleness is still intact).